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1656 Crown, Commonwealth 1656 Crown in Gold, Commonwealth under Oliver Cromwell. Hugely RARE this is also the rarest date in the series. Practically as struck, even the frosting on the St George cross is crisp and clear. I've never seen another more choice piece. Bought in 1972 from B.A.Seaby aUnc S3212 15,000 Order
1662 Crown, Charles II 1662 Crown, Rose Below Bust, First Bust, Fine, some surface marks but lots more detail than you’d expect. S3350 SOLD Order
1668 Crown, Charles II 1668 Crown Vicesimo, Second Bust, Pleasing in the hand, lovely blue and red tones in the fields and obv legends. Very Fine S3357 SOLD Order
1671 Crown, Charles II 1671 Crown T.Primo, Second Bust, RARE RARE T/R in ET. R4 near Very Fine S3357 ESC42A £950 Order
1679 Crown, Charles II 1679 Crown T.Primo, Fourth Bust, Pleasing in the hand. Fine S3359 £175 Order
1680 Crown, Charles II 1680 Crown T.Secvndo, Fourth Bust, Pleasing in the hand. Fine S3359 £150 Order
1687 Crown, James II 1687 Crown Tertio, Second Bust Excellent coin with nothing to detract from the eye appeal. Fine and possibly better. S3407 SOLD Order
1688 Crown, James II 1688 Crown Qvarto, Second Bust Beautiful coin, lovely high grade. Small marks in field behind ribbons don't detract. Super gun metal tone. Very Fine S3407 SOLD Order
1692 Crown, William & Mary 1692 Crown Qvarto, Very Fine or better, some weakness in GVLIELMVS and corresponding adjustment on reverse S3433 SOLD Order
1695 Crown, William III 1695 Crown Septimo, Lovely clear coin. Bold Fine S3470 £90 Order
1696 Crown, William III 1696 Crown Octavo, Lovely clear coin, a little edgy but nothing too significant. Bold Fine S3470 £90 Order
1696 (b) Crown, William III 1696 (b) Crown Octavo, Legends a little weak in one quarter, otherwise a good honest budget coin without damage. near Fine S3470 £75 Order
1696 (c) Crown, William III GEI 1696 (c) Crown Octavo, RARE GEI for DEI and G/D in GRA. Both errors exceptionally clear. R2, VF S3470 ESC92 £1200 Order
1700 Crown, William III 1700 Crown Decimo Tertio, Rarer variety of this date, more difficult to find than generally acknowledged. Attractive old grey tone, lots of detail. Super undamaged piece very appealing to the eye. R, Fine S3474 ESC98 Bargain SOLD Order
1739 Crown, George II 1739 Crown Dvodecimo, One of the best. Wonderful old grey tone, fantastic detail. A little edgy in places but otherwise hugely appealing. EF some would say better. S3687 £1000 Order
1795 Crown, Countermark 1795 Crown Oval Countermark. Emergency Issue Portrait Dollar. Mexico. Fantastic high grade including lovely countermark. Hard to find so good. gVF plus. S3765A SOLD Order
1804 Crown 1804 Crown Bank of England Dollar, No Stop after REX. Obv E, Rev 2. Beautiful aEF with lovely yellow tone and hints of lustre. S3768 £475 Order
1805 Crown 1805 Crown No countermark. Portrait Dollar. Lovely VF £125 Order
1818 Crown, George III 1818 Crown LVIII Very appealing to the eye, high grade with a natural bright finish. S3787 SOLD Order
1819 Crown b 1819 Crown (b) LIX With Stops on edge. Fantastic almost Unc. S3787 £750 Order
1819 Crown 1819 Crown LIX No Stops on edge. Attractive VF and better. S3787 £175 Order
1819 Crown 1819 Crown LIX Thick Ruled Garter. Also S over lower S in SOIT confirms the variety. (Davies 8). Nothing to detract, lovely and clear detail. Attractive F. S3787 £120 Order
1819 Crown 1821 Crown Secundo Dark gun metal tone. Super virtually VF. S3805 £95 Order
1845 Crown Victoria 1845 Crown VIII cinquefoil stops. High grade, some red toning in legend, virtually EF. S3882 £1000 Order
1847 Crown Victoria 1847 Crown XI High grade but signs of tooling repairs in field behind neck. See photo otherwise better than VF. S3882 SOLD Order
1847 Crown Gothic Victoria 1847 Crown Gothic Undecimo. Wonderful milky lustre. EF S3883 (check white metal?) £1250 Order
1887 Crown Victoria 1887 Crown jubilee Lovely natural finish EF S3921 SOLD Order
1888 Crown Victoria 1888 Crown jubilee Dark tone to legends EF S3921 SOLD Order
1889 Crown Victoria 1889 Crown jubilee Bright lustrous finish, some yellow tones in legend. Better than EF S3921 £90 Order
1897 Crown Victoria 1897 Crown LXI veiled Lovely natural finish EF S3937 £170 Order
1899 Crown Victoria 1899 Crown LXII veiled type 3E Yellow and green tones at bottom of legend. Dark finish and very attractive VF. S3937 £65 Order
1902 Crown Edward VII 1902 Crown Absolutely beautiful. The camera has struggled to recognise the different tones. Super lustrous, with blue and yellow tones in the legend. You won't be disappointed. virtually Unc S3978 SOLD Order
1927 Crown George V 1927 Crown Wreath (Proof only) just 15,000 struck. Beautiful coin, virtually Unc S4036 SOLD Order
1928 Crown George V 1928 Crown Wreath just 9,000 struck. Beautiful coin, virtually Unc S4036 SOLD Order
1933 Crown George V 1933 Crown Wreath just 7,000 struck. Beautiful coin, virtually Unc S4036 SOLD Order
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